Family Room

Having a clean family room or a living rooms is highly essential for the well being of you, your family, and your guests. There can be several tricky problems that may arise in this area like a stained carpet, dusty sofas, corner cobwebs, dirty coffee table, and more. Our experienced cleaning maids are great at recognizing these issues and acting effectively to clean them up.


Bed Room

The Bedrooms in your home always need to be clean and organized, after all, this is your own private space which will rejuvenate your mind and body when you need rest. Our cleaning experts realize that and leave no pillow unturned in order to provide the most clean, organized, and pure environment for your bedrooms which results in a healthy environment promoting happiness and well being.



Washing pots, sweeping the floor, wiping kitchen counter, emptying the trash can, and organizing the dishes can get highly overwhelming, especially when you had a long day at work and all you want to do is take some rest. Our cleaning maids understand your pain and can't wait to do all of the above for you. They will make sure your kitchen shines like a sparkle and your wine glass has no foggy residues.


Bath Room

Bathrooms can easily become a breeding ground for unwanted pests, bacterias, and viruses, this is why our cleaning professionals make sure to thoroughly dust, scrub, wipe, mop, and organize, everything they see inside the bathroom. Shower curtains also possess a high risk of staying contaminated with dirty germs that can't be seen by naked eyes, our cleaning maids will also professionally clean them up for you on request



Colors, whites, darks, woolen, stained, towels, etc., it can be really hard to manage your laundry when there is so much to consider. Our experienced cleaning professionals know how to properly do laundry and will happily wash and dry your laundry for you. Our maids are also experts at ironing your clothes and organizing your closets.



Everything around us takes space and needs to be placed in their designated areas. If things and objects are out of place, productivity is hampered and this may cause stress.Our professional maids realize the importance of an organized space and will organize your dishes, pantries, closets, cabinets, and more to best fit your home needs. Having a neat and clean environment will help you make the most out of your life as there will be less to worry about.



Alma's Cleaning Company also provides cleaning services to offices in the Bay Area. Many offices prefer to call us after their offices shut down for the day or most of their employees have left. This makes sure that our cleaning professionals are able to clean the office without any interruptions which generates the best results. we can even have our licensed cleaning professionals come over and clean your office space on the weekends.

green option

Green Option

Green cleaning or eco-friendly cleaning services are also available at Alma's Cleaning Company. We have special bio-degradable and non-toxic organic products that produces amazingly good results for the cleaning process while at the same time helps make the Earth a better place to live in. Please feel free to ask us which products we use for eco-friendly cleaning and we would be happy to give you the information.

other cleaning


Some cleaning areas require your prior mention for us to clean. These places include your refrigerator, kitchen-oven, dishwasher, and other appliances and areas. Even though, we would happily clean any of these for you, we would prefer you let us know in advance so we can prepare better for the job. We will still deliver outstanding service, and in the case of your refrigerators, we will explicitly inform you about the expired and unwanted products kept in your fridge.

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